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Atomy company profile

Atomy Company India full details of products and marketing

Atomy Company India full details of products and marketing

1.) What is Atomy? Atomy is a skincare MLM founded in 2009 in Korea. It was founded by CEO Han-Gil Park. They’re currently headquartered in Federal Way in Washington state. Atomy has two sites. Their main site is, while their is more product-focused.

2.) Who is the founder? Han-Gil Park is the founder of Atomy. I couldn’t find too much relevant information about him online, but I did find that he built Atomy on his Christian beliefs (sort of like another large MLM). Just look at the company motto on and you’ll see what I mean.

3.) What does Atomy sell? Atomy primarily sells skincare and other personal care products, but they sell several other types of products: health supplements, makeup, laundry/dish detergent, kitchen items (like gloves), food, coffee, and tea. Membership is required to buy anything from Atomy, but membership is completely free. You just need an Atomy member to give you a referral code.

4.) What are Atomy’s most popular products? Atomy’s most popular product categories are definitely their personal care and cosmetics product lines. As for their most popular products, they are Evening Care 4 Set, Atomy Skin Care 6 System, Hair & Body Set, and HemoHim.

5.) How do I become an Atomy distributor? When you become a member, you’re automatically a distributor. You do need a sponsor to become a member though. You can then buy products at their membership pricing and sell them for a profit.

6.) What is Atomy’s BBB rating? Atomy doesn’t appear to have a profile or rating with the BBB.

7.) Is Atomy a scam? No, it’s not a scam. They sell legitimate products at reasonable-ish prices.

9.) Recommended? Most of their products seem good enough and you don’t have to pay or do anything to become a member, leaving the business opportunity available but not a requirement. There can’t be much harm in becoming a member, even if you never end up buying or selling Atomy products.

Overview of Atomy Products

Atomy’s a skincare/personal care MLM, but they sell a ton of other products too.

Personal care and beauty seem to be a huge deal in Korea, the country of Atomy’s origin. In fact, many call South Korea the beauty capital of the world. They even have a term for the Korean cosmetics/beauty industry: K-Beauty. I guess it only makes sense that a skincare MLM would inevitably come out of a country that loves their personal care so much.

I’ll give them one thing – moxie.  Or maybe misplaced bravado.  On their own blog, they tackle the topic of MLM controversy in a post called “Is Atomy a Scam?”

Obviously it’s a massive list of reasons why Atomy is the best thing ever invented and how it isn’t a scam at all, but still.  Unusual tactic.   (2)

The official Atomy site used to be so clunky and slow at loading, but they’ve since fixed it. Still, it’s not the fastest site on the ‘net and it’s kinda crowded looking.

But wait, I’ll give them one more thing: becoming a distributor is completely free. All you do is upgrade from regular member to distributor. No joining fees, no starter kits, annual renewal fees, none of that. Yet they still give you membership pricing so you can resell the products for a profit (or use them yourself). They really should advertise this a lot more if they want more distributors.

Products details of Atomy India

For some reason, the products pages on are seriously messy. Maybe no one told them webpages can scroll past the fold, because they’ve tried to set things up like a newspaper column with links to nowhere and ugly formatting. Their main site is a little better with the layout nowadays, especially since it’s not as slow as it used to be, but there’s still a lot going on so you might need to familiarize yourself with it a lot.

On top of that, a lot of the product descriptions have funny (and sometimes unclear) wording that can make it a bit difficult to understand how to use the product.

You also have to be a member to buy anything. Membership’s free, though, so no big deal.

They’ve got a lot of products, so let me show you some of the most popular in each product line.

Skin Care

Their skincare line has some of everything: morning care, evening care, sensitive skin care products, and sun creams.  All the usuals. Some of their most popular skincare products are actually product bundles like Skin Care 6 System, Evening Care 4 Set, AC Care Special, and Calming Care Special.

Skin Care 6 System

The Skin Care 6 System is a bundle of their skincare products designed for, well, improving the look and health of your skin. It consists of 150ml of toner (to close the pores and moisturize), 40ml of eye cream (reduces lines, wrinkles, puffiness around eyes), 50ml of essence (hydrates and preps the skin for other skincare products), 135ml of lotion (for moisturization), 50ml nutrition cream (slows skin aging, firms up skin), and 40ml BB cream (brightens skin, protects against UV rays with Broad Spectrum SPF 30).

They’ve renamed the Skin Care 6 System to “The Fame” because it’s so popular. But in Atomy fashion, they list both Skin Care 6 System and The Fame on their site, which is a little confusing.

Evening Care 4 Set

The Evening Care 4 Set is a bundle of skincare products intended to improve the appearance of your skin in a few days. You’re supposed to use it at the end of the day, as the name implies. The Evening Care 4 Set comes with 150ml of deep cleanser (removes makeup, cleans out pores, firms up skin), 150ml of foam cleanser (further cleans out pores and washes away dirt), 120ml peeling gel (removes dead skin cells, exfoliates and preps skin for ), and 120ml of peel-off mask (shrinks pores, firms and calms skin).

AC Care Special

AC Care Special is a bundle of 3 skincare products that uses herbal extracts to improve skin health and hydration. Within the AC Care Special is 130ml of Calming Skin (soothes, firms, and hydrates skin, use on entire face after washing face or shaving), 40ml of AC Solution (combats acne, use only on acne-prone areas or mix with with Calming Skin to use it on the whole face), and 40ml of Control Mix (supplies additional nutrients to skin after using the AC Solution).

Calming Care Special

The Calming Care Special is another smaller bundle at only 3 products. It’s got 140ml of Calming Skin (use this before the Again Serum), 40ml of Again Serum (deep moisturizing serum, mix with Calming Skin to apply to dry and cracked areas around the eyes), and 40ml of Flora Milk (good for oily or dry skin, use after Again Serum for maximum moisturizing effect).

According to Atomy’s product pages for these bundles, you can use other products in place of certain products within the bundles.

Men’s Care

Lotions and potions for the menfolk.  It’s great to see at least some products geared to men, who are now buying more skincare than ever.  That being said, their range comes to a grand total of three products, so not exactly a leap of cosmetic equality here.

Atomy Men Toner, 140ml

Moisturizes skin, soothes roughened skin, and increases the effectiveness of the other Atomy Men products. Best used as an aftershave.

Atomy Men Lotion, 140ml

Calms and soothes the skin. Atomy again emphasizes it’s used to combat issues caused by shaving.

Atomy Men Essence, 45ml

Shrinks the appearance of pores, helps with dryness, and reduces the appearance of lines.

Personal Care

Haircare, body care, and all the nooks and crannies.  This is for soaps, shampoos, and hair tonic for the follically challenged.

Hair & Body Set

The Hair & Body Set has a little bit of everything. There’s 500ml each of their herbal shampoo (cleans hair and scalp, cares for damaged hair, leaves hair shiny) and body cleanser (body wash that cleans and moisturizes skin using natural herbs), while there’s 200ml each of their herbal treatment hair pack (helps prevent split ends, moisturizes and softens hair) and hair tonic (cleans out pores, roots, and scalp).

Atomy Scalp Care Set

This one’s all about cleaning out the scalp (because it’s such a sensitive area) and giving it some nutrients for better scalp and hair health. It contains 500ml each of their scalp care shampoo (cleans out the pores and washes away other stuff) and scalp care conditioner (nourishes the scalp for better scalp health and hair growth).

Oral Care

Atomy’s got a small line of oral care products. They sell both toothpaste and toothbrushes, but you can buy them together as their Oral Care System. The Oral Care System also includes an interdental brush, aka one of those brushes you can stick between your teeth.


Atomy sells a large number of health supplements including HemoHIM, but I’ll talk about that one later. Here are some other popular ones.

Color Food Vitamin C

These are little vitamin C sticks that give you a 500mg dose of vitamin C when you add them to your drink. These sticks come in a sweet and sour mango flavoring. Makes sense since citrus fruits are where most get their vitamin C.

Overall, sounds like a good supplement if you aren’t getting your fill of vitamin C.

Atomy Eye Lutein

Lutein is a carotenoid, a type of vitamin that helps with your eye health. It’s found most often in leafy green vegetables. Atomy sells its own lutein in soft gel capsule form. The lutein comes primarily from Aztec Marigold, but they also added extracts and oils from several berries red oranges.

In addition to the lutein, these supplements contain plenty of vitamin A, another nutrient that keeps your eyes in top shape.

I could use some lutein myself after looking at their website.


How much you can access depends on where you live.  The site clearly states Korean customers will have the greatest access. Regardless, here are some of the most popular products.

Atomy Lash Mascara8ml

Atomy prides itself on having a mascara that doesn’t smudge, sag, clump, or make cleaning up difficult. In fact, it calls these the “4 Zeros”: Zero smudging, Zero sagging, Zero clumping, and Zero cleansing difficulties.

Atomy Healthy Glow Base33ml

Atomy’s Healthy Glow Base both brightens your complexion and moisturizes the skin for a smooth, radiant look. It does so using rose water, among many other ingredients.

Atomy also offers several mineral compacts in their makeup section.


HemoHIM is a 100% natural ingredient herbal supplement. It’s supposed to support a strong immune system, increase energy, and boost physical performance by increasing blood cell production, as well as fight cancer cells by activating the cancer cell-eating NK cells.

How does this stand out from the sea of supplements already on the market? It’s focused on energy and combating fatigue more than the usual sexual vitality or youth obsession.  For some reason they’ve decided to put their “evidence” up – 63 people were tested after taking it and found improved cell activation.  I suspect most pharmaceutical experts would suggest that running a study that doesn’t even have a hundred test subjects perhaps won’t result in any sort of useful or representative findings.

As Atomy’s flagship supplement, HemoHIM gets its own section in Atomy’s giant menu of categories if you’re on

Also, in case you’re curious, HemoHIM stands for

  1. Hemo – Hemoglobin
  2. H – Hematopoiesis (blood cell and platelet production)
  3. I – Immune
  4. M – Modulation

Home Care

Atomy sells eco-friendly detergents and other home care products, again dictated by location.

Detergent/Fabric Softener

Atomy sells detergents for your laundry and for your dishes. They also sell fabric softener. The eco-friendliness of these products comes from removing certain harmful ingredients and using plant-based ingredients instead.


Atomy sells stainless steel pots (sizes are 3.3 liter or 5.5 liter) and pans, latex gloves, and scrubbers (normal and stainless steel) for your kitchen. I suspect these aren’t bought as often as basically any other Atomy product.

Food and Drink

Atomy even sells food and drink, although the selection isn’t exactly large.


Atomy’s got both legit food and spices/seasonings. Food includes potato ramen sandwich laver (with a bunch of other ingredients in it), grilled laver, and black chia seeds.

Laver’s a type of seaweed, by the way.

As for the seasonings, they sell Himalayan pink salt and Kampot black pepper. Himalayan pink salt has more minerals than normal salt, believe it or not. Fitting that Atomy sells it rather than your average table salt.


Atomy sells coffee and tea, of course, although they don’t have a wide selection. They’ve got two kinds of coffee, one darker than the other, and they have a tea called Pu’er Tea. The cool thing is the both their coffees and their tea all come in stick form so you don’t have to measure out the coffee or tea yourself.

Compensation Plan business plan on Atomy

What’s this?  A business opportunity page that has full stops, proper syntax and isn’t so bogged down with incomprehensible, made-up business lingo you can actually understand it?  (4)

Nope, never that easy.  It’s got a nice font, legible writing, and some pretty pictures, but the numbers are all pretty generic, and once again it’s void of any financials.  Back to searching.

This is the .com version, which makes me feel a little like I need laser eye surgery, but covers the numbers better.  More importantly, it’s the US version, so the dollar figures make an appearance.  (5)  They market the compensation plan as “well-balanced and righteous”, which are strange descriptions of a payment structure, but the word choice probably comes from the fact that the founder built Atomy on his Christian beliefs.

Either way, becoming an Atomy distributor is completely free, which you won’t see much in the MLM world.

Atomy members are classified into five types of dealer according to total purchased volume and commission level.

Sales Representative

Accumulate 10,000 to 299,999 PV.


Accumulate a minimum of 300,000 PV or a Sales Representative with a smaller leg of at least 600,000 PV accumulated in the previous month.

Special Agent

Accumulate a minimum of 700,000 PV or an Agent with a smaller leg of at least 1.4 million PV accumulated in the last month.


Accumulate a minimum of 1,500,000 PV or a Special Agent with a smaller leg of at least 3 million PV accumulated in the previous month.

Exclusive Distributor (E.D.)

Accumulate a minimum of 2,400,000 PV or a Dealer with a smaller leg of at least 4.8 million PV accumulated in the previous month.

As well as rank, you can achieve “masterships” for even more earnings.  There are seven different types and all come with their own one-time bonuses.


In order to receive commissions, distributors have to obtain 300,000 PV through purchases (about $500.00) and a minimum of 300,000 PV on both legs every week, with commission paid on the smallest value downline.

Other methods of income include…

General Commission

4% of Atomy’s entire sales are distributed back to qualified members every week.

Multi-Matching Bonus

2% of general commission from the direct downlines are given to qualified members.

Mastership and Masters’ Bonus

Each mastership comes with its own twice a month cash bonus, with decreasing percentages the higher mastership you earn.  So Sales Masters earn 10%, Diamond Masters %5, Sharon Rose Master 2%, Star Master 1.2%, Royal Master 1%, Crown Master 0.3%, Imperial Master 0.2%.

Mastership Promotion

There’s promotional compensation to celebrate new qualifiers of each mastership.

Center Fee

After becoming a “sales master”, individuals can open their own Atomy Center in their location to instruct new members and sell products, receiving 6% of total PV toward commission.


Atomy is not a scam. Far and away the biggest downside to them, however, is the incomprehensibility of their product page.  I don’t know whether it reads left to right, back to front or topsy-turvy, but considering their business opportunity (normally the secretive, deliberately convoluted page) is reasonably clear, there doesn’t seem to be an excuse.  Why would you not flaunt your products as much as possible?  No one’s going to invest in a brand, no matter how honest the business model, if the products are unmanageable.

The blog may promise the usual benefits of having more family time, earning more money than anyone in the world while working five minutes a week, but their ethos comes up short.

“The Atomy’s company philosophy is simple: To make as many rich people as possible with its quality products and lucrative compensation plan.”

Seems noble enough.  But maybe make your product pages a little more organized, please?


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